Friday, October 1, 2010

Its never your fault!

So, this has become a routine - you go and stand at the point where most autowallas are likely to congregate and then walk up to them asking them whether they would be kind enough to take you where you wold like to go. Almost always its a negative, or just blatant ignorance. So on the offchance when one does look interested, you are often filled with a sense of elation, until he utters those dreaded words!
'Rs. 150 Madam!'
I personally think they take the 'Mad' in Madam a bit too literally, for surely no sane person will pay thrice the amount they would ideally have to pay by meter to get home...unless, its past 8:30 and the number of autos available aren't that many or its raining and you just wanna hop onto the first thing that comes your way or you are extremely late for a meeting/rendezvous of some kind.
But after the recent rise in auto fares, one would have thought they would have just been satisfied going by the meter. But then maybe you should have just known better, and you ask yourself, 'Why am I even surprised?'
Given how they try and make a fast buck from the people who go minimum distances and offer 20 bucks. These guys will just never have 3 bucks change to give back to them and actually ride off before you get to say anything. They might as well have raised the minimum fare to 20 bucks instead of 17!
And once you are done dealing with the matte of monies(mostly before the ride even begins), you better prepare yourself for a horrendous ride, zig-zagging through impossible traffic, getting dropped into potholes in a manner that is very rude and hanging on for dear life at most times.
So how are people like me, who are still struggling to climb up the 'corporate ladder' with current salaries that can still be considered meagre, supposed to survive in a world where you are constantly being asked for money? You are getting late so you hop onto an auto that agrees to take to someplace at Rs. 20 extra, then you get stuck at a signal where first comes a Hinjra, who wont leave you until you give them atleast five bucks, and then one of those cute hungry beggar children who tug at your heart and make you feel miserable if you don't give them something. Then ofcourse, the price of everything else is on the rise. Things like fruits and vegetables (things I dont even like), are already expensive. There is nowhere on this planet, you can get a drink at MRP, after a hard day's work either.
The only positive aspect of this whole charade, is that by the end of the month, when you are broke, and your good intentions of starting to save have gone up in flames, you have several people other than yourself to blame! :D

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