Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Yeah so my understanding of the word Bangalored may vary slightly from the conventional. It has nothing to do with the beauty that was once associated with the city, or the IT hub that it has slowly become. And it has absolutely nothing to do with 'workers getting laid off because their jobs have moved to India', which is the sense in which it is used in the U.S.

This is just a post about things that I see here that I haven't ever seen happen anywhere else! Some funny, some not, some outrageous, some completely disgusting! Well, everyday I seem to witness something that falls into atleast one of the above categories, so I thought why not jot them down. So here goes...

1. Viewed from the reception at Silhouette (a beauty salon at the Sony World crossroad, Koramangala) - A pack of 10 camels(the animals, if you please, not the cigarettes!) taking a right turn towards the Ring Road without any missing the signal!

2. Its been a month since Ganesh Chaturthi, but everyday there are processions amongst much merriment on the busiest city streets with Lord Ganesha idols headed for immersion. And I thought this was the Durga Puja month!!

3. Yes! There's a new store opening on 100ft road! GUESS how noticed it! On my way to work, stuck in a jam just outside, notice interiors being set up... a lot of labourers working day & night, I suppose, because of which the workers stay there... so the showroom is their bedroom for now and the footpath their loo! I actually saw one guy his teeth and spitting out on the pavement! Seriously, are there no rules against such things?

4. There are lots of benefits, having an office in an IT Park...there are buses which not only take you there directly, but also stop in front of each building and let you get off. Since there are buses that start from really far at very early hours, its only natural that the driver/conductor might feel the need to empty his bladder at the end of the ride... and what better place to do than in front of the last office, after all passengers have been offloaded.. I mean some architect must have planned the storm-drains all through the IT Park solely for the convenience of weary bus conductors to relieve themselves right? (I am not kidding.. the bus number was KA-01 FA 1683... took it down but don't even know whom to report it to!)

5. The road in front of Garuda mall which is possibly the only road in the whole country to defy the Left-hand side drive rule. This road actually has oncoming traffic on the left!!!!

6. The Richmond flyover- Another first... who puts a traffic signal and a crossroad on an elevated flyover?

There's more to come but that's it for now...

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