Monday, February 14, 2011

Murphy get a life! Stop screwing around with everyone else's!

Recently I figured its not your fault that things go wrong or do not happen at the time that they are meant to.  Especially those times when you have tried really hard to do something right but at that last moment, it went terribly when you are running oh-so-late for your WIP meeting on Monday morning and you rush out, not only does it take you ten mins more than usual to get an auto who will take you to office, but it will also be the one that takes you through the longest and (inevitably) the most jammed route ever...and wait! There's more! Just now, when you are thinking, 'Oh not bad! Only fifteen mins late and I can still make it there in 5 without being noticed', this same auto will also need to get re-fueled which means you are now gonna make it into office only after ten-odd minutes!

Think about it...the last time you wanted to do something really bad...I'm sure it din't work out quite as planned!

I think the worst is when the ad that has to be sent for release tomorrow, is almost done, and the computer crashes...yeah it happens..and it happens only on days when the client did not plan for the release in advance, so you had to go from briefing to artworking all in a day, which means that you're probably quite late for artwork submission already and are an inch away from losing the client's ad space anyway!

And no it doesn't limit itself to the work sphere... it insists on ruining personal life too... you just decide one day to dress up and put on a fine pair of heels and strut around in an open space, and out of nowhere, suddenly it will start to rain, just like in the Hindi movies! You just think of going on a date, making one evening special and either you will end up having to work late, or falling sick, or having to do something that either completely irrelevant or extremely time consuming.

The instances that come to mind range from maid falling sick the day your dishes have been stacked up so high they could compete with the Eifel Tower, car breaking down during a road trip just when you have left behind all semblances of civilization (and therefore, any hopes of getting help), getting to the airport 2 hours early just so could avoid the traffic, only to realise that you have left the credit card on which you bought the ticket back at home (only now someone from home is gonna have to bear the brunt of the traffic!), a power cut just when you figured out what you wanted to wear to dinner and were going to iron it...and the list goes on....

But there's someone to blame for all of this and its not you...its not your maid...believe it or not, its not that auto-wallah either...
When things don't quite turn out quite the way they should, well, it is Murphy's fault...I don't even know the guy..yet he is hell bent on ruining my life!

Whatever I did to bring your wrath on me, Murphy, I promise I won't do it again! Just leave me alone. Alternatively you could also try getting a might give you somehting better to do with your time than just screwing around with everyone else's lives!

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